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Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention

At 1st Colonial Community Bank, protecting your digital life is our top priority. We understand the complexities of cyber threats and are committed to providing you with advanced Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention methods. Our security infrastructure is designed to defend your personal and financial details against sophisticated cyber attacks. We constantly monitor your accounts for unusual activity, aiming to prevent fraud before it happens.

On this page, you'll gain access to detailed information and actionable advice to enhance your online security. Let us help you navigate the digital world with confidence, knowing that we're always here to keep you and your finances secure. Explore with us and take control of your cyber safety.

What to do if you are a victim of Identity Theft

If you find yourself a victim of identity theft, immediate action is key. Learn the critical steps to take to reclaim your identity and secure your personal information.

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Phishing Scams Unveiled

Don't take the bait! Discover how to spot phishing scams and the ways to avoid falling prey to these deceptive cyber threats.

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Fortifying Your Credentials

Strong usernames and passwords are your first line of defense online. We'll show you strategies to create robust passwords that keep cyber intruders at bay.

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Cyber Guard: Internet Security Essentials

Safeguard your online presence with our best practice guidelines for Internet security, helping you browse with confidence and protection.

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Card Skimming: Spot It Before It Spots Your Card

Spotting a card skimmer is key to protecting your personal information—learn what to look for and how to keep your transactions safe.

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Accessing Your Free Credit Report

Learn how to easily obtain your free credit report annually, an essential step in monitoring your financial health and spotting potential fraud.

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Beware of Check Scams

Stay vigilant against check scams with our advice on recognizing fraudulent checks and the actions to take if you encounter a scam.

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Security Awareness

Never share information

Never share a One-Time PIN with anyone. We will NEVER call and ask you for your OTP. We may ask a few identifying questions but NEVER your OTP.