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Strengthening Your Username and Password Security

When it comes to password security, variety and complexity are your allies. It’s important not to use the same password across multiple accounts. Simple passwords such as "password," sequences like "123456789," or personal information like names of family members, pets, or favorite teams are easily guessed by hackers.

Instead, create passwords that blend upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. For example, intersperse these characters throughout your password rather than at the beginning or end. Aim for a minimum of eight characters, but consider that a password with 15 characters is significantly more secure.

Consider using a series of unrelated words combined with numbers and symbols, like 'ForkTigerUmbrella9302&!,' or draw inspiration from a line of a song or a phrase, ensuring you add complexity with numbers and symbols.

Keep your password private, never use it on a public computer, and make a habit of updating your password regularly, ideally every month. This practice helps to ensure that even if your password does happen to be compromised, it won't be usable for long.


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