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Beware of Common Financial Scams

In today's connected world, the threat of financial scams is ever-present, and staying informed is your best defense. If you encounter any of the following situations, it could be an indication that you are at risk of being scammed:

  • If you've sold an item online, like a car or jewelry, and the payment you receive is in the form of a check that exceeds the item's selling price.
  • If you receive a check through an overnight delivery service which can be a tactic to pressure you into acting quickly.
  • If you're in email communication with someone and a check is involved, especially if the check appears to be from a business or individual account that has no relation to the transaction.
  • If you're unexpectedly informed that you've won a lottery, particularly from another country, which you never entered.
  • If you are asked to wire, send, or ship money urgently to a large city or to another country like Canada, England, or Nigeria.
  • If you are requested to pay money upfront to receive a deposit from an international source.
  • If you are promised payment or commission for facilitating money transfers through your account.
  • If you receive an email that urges you to confirm, update, or provide your account information, it's often a phishing attempt.

In any of these scenarios, do not engage or provide personal information. Instead, immediately inform branch personnel. They can assist you in taking the necessary precautions to protect your accounts and personal information. Always remember that legitimate organizations will never ask for sensitive details without proper context and security measures in place.

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