Mortgage Rates

Conventional Fixed Rate Programs - Effective as of

Term Rates Points Annual
30 Year Conforming
15 Year Fixed Conforming
   3.250% 1.000% 3.462%    $1,756.67
30 Year Fixed FHA** 3.750% 0.000% 4.803%     $1,136.81
  3.500% 1.000% 4.639%     $1,102.27


* Based on mortgage amount of $250,000.  Payment amounts do not include taxes and insurance and may, therefore, be higher.

**Payment is based on principal and interest only, mortgage insurance is not included in this estimate. Rates change daily.  We in the 1st Colonial Community Bank Residential Lending Division are committed to providing our clients the most competitive rates and fees EVERYDAY! Call your Mortgage Advisor at 856-869-3250 today to discuss "Real Time" Rates.   


All loans are subject to credit approval. 20% down payment required. Availability is based on loan parameters and requirements that must be approved by 1st Colonial Community Bank, Residential Lending Division. Interest rates are subject to change daily and without notice.  Current interest rates shown are indicative of market conditions and individual qualifications and will vary upon your lock in period, loan type, credit score, purpose and loan to value.  For information on our various programs click here.


Current Rates Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The annual percentage rate (APR) is an interest rate that is different from the note rate. It is commonly used to compare loan programs from different lenders. The Federal Truth in Lending law requires mortgage companies to disclose the APR when they advertise a rate. Typically the APR is found next to the rate. The APR is designed to measure the "true cost of a loan." It creates a level playing field for lenders. It prevents lenders from advertising a low rate and hiding fees.

The Following Fees Are Generally Included In The APR:

  • Points - both discount points and origination points
  • Pre-paid interest. The interest paid from the date the loan closes to the end of the month.
  • Loan-processing fee
  • Underwriting fee
  • Document-preparation fee
  • Private mortgage-insurance

The following fees are SOMETIMES included in the APR:

  • Loan-application fee
  • Credit life insurance (insurance that pays off the mortgage in the event of a borrowers death)

The following fees are normally NOT included in the APR:

  • Title or abstract fee
  • Escrow fee
  • Attorney fee
  • Notary fee
  • Document preparation (charged by the closing agent)
  • Home-inspection fees
  • Recording fee
  • Transfer taxes
  • Credit report
  • Appraisal fee



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